Wing Lei – Wynn Hotel Las Vegas, NV



Wing Lei is a phenomenal, authentic, high-end Chinese restaurant located in the Wynn hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of all the countless times I have been to Las Vegas, this was the first time I dined here. I’ve been to China several times, and absolutley fell in love with Peking Duck, specifically the Beijing style preparation. The main difference between Beijing style and Cantonese style is that Beijing style peking duck is served in think crepe like pancakes, but Cantonese style is served in soft doughy buns. I much prefer Beijing style!!

The Peking duck is carved table side, and is enough for 2 people if you order an appetizer and a side order of vegetables to accompany it. We ordered all three and it was just perfect! It’s regularly served with steamed buns (but I asked for crepe pancakes). Not only do they carve the duck for you, but they prepare the crepes with sliced cucumber, scallions, and hoison sauce, then serve it to you ready to eat! After carving the duck, they’ll take the remaining duck back to the kitchen and bring it out as a 2nd course of diced duck lettuce wraps; absolutely mouth watering!!

I can’t wait to go back and try all their other dishes! But, the peking duck was so well prepared, I think I’ll always have to order it anyways!

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