Slater’s 50/50 Opens in Old Town Pasadena


Slater’s 50/50, home to the very first 50% ground bacon, and 50% ground beef burger, opened its first L.A. location on November 23 to serve overly-indulgent custom craving burger fanatics their choice of custom crafted burgers alongside craft brews. Though this is a San Diego import with three existing locations, Slater’s was founded by Pasadena native Scott Slater, making it a personal homecoming celebration. Slater’s took the place of VIVE nightclub, spanning across a large corner lot sitting on Union and Raymond, just one block behind Coloradeo. Large windows open out to the street, allowing for a nice cool breeze on sunny Pasadena days. Flat screen TV’s cover the walls which make this a great place to catch your favorite game alongside some friends and family, while enjoying good food & cold beer.

Dishes include the infamous 50/50 Burger (half-bacon, half-bovine) and its variations, a garlic-rich “Vampire Dip,” buffalo chicken mac and cheese with a Cheez-It crust, fried chicken and pancakes, burgers stuffed with Fritos, beer cheese fries, bacon brownies, and even a salad corrupted by a bacon cheeseburger. Cocktails include the savory bacon Bloody Mary and bacon Old Fashioned, while little ones in training can enjoy maple bacon milkshakes. Slater’s is surely a place to overindulge, and a visit here should definitely be reserved for that “cheat day” – no calorie counting, no carb protesting, no passing on the fries. Go big, or go home!

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Check out the menus here.

Slater’s 50/50, open 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. daily** at 61 North Raymond Ave. Pasadena; 626-765-9700.

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