Living Social Deal – Flame Broiler Pasadena $6 for $12


There’s no illusion involved when it’s comes to the mouthwatering flavor of Magic Sauce drizzled over a serving of sizzling meat and veggies. And with today’s deal from The Flame Broiler, you won’t need to conjure a stack of cash to get yourself a taste: Pay $6 for $12 to spend on food and drink. As a healthy choice for any meal, The Flame Broiler only uses their sleight of hand to cook up a hearty meal without frying, dairy, skin, MSG, or trans-fat. Taste a chicken veggie rice bowl, drizzled with a gluten-free hot sauce if you so choose; or order up a rib plate with rice and a small salad. This brand-new Pasadena location has magically appeared on East Colorado, so you won’t have to disappear for long to find a quality meal with this trick up your sleeve.

If you are concerned about your health, you’re going to the right place. Why stress your body? Eat what your body needs and perform better in all you do. The Flame Broiler Restaurants cook for your health:

No frying

No dairy

No skin

No added MSG

No trans fat

Gluten Free Items Available–Request Chicken menu items with absolutely no Magic Sauce. HOT SAUCE and HOUSE DRESSING are GLUTEN FREE!

Get your Living Social deal today!

2335 E Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107

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